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Fractional Selections? Ask questions to see what you are getting, what services are really being offered and what you should expect. Remember the most important aspect of Fractional Ownership is YOUR EXPECTATIONS. If they are met then you will enjoy your time in a Fractional Ownership program. Otherwise – HELL!  You need answers, the more answers the better.



YACHT – Do I select the yacht, decor, colors and options?  Must I select from your fleet or a yacht in your program without a voice about colors, decor, options.

This is the most important selection in the entire process!




Destinations – Do I select where and when I want to travel? Must I travel to a destination 2 weeks here and 2 weeks there? Is it always the same weeks? This equals 10 destinations in a 5 year plan. You figure the cost per trip? This is the next most important selection in the process.



Sandy Toes

Concierge Services – Do I always deal with the same concierge person? Do I deal with a Concierge Department, different person each trip or an assigned person? Is he/she available 24/7 for me and my family, to supply answers.

Are they available to search and dig for concert tickets, book your travel outside their program?



Welcome Aboard
Happy Crew

Crew – Do we always have the same crew during our trips? Are they rotated in order to stay fresh and not be overworked?

A tired crew can ruin your trip!



Daily Maintenance

Maintenance – Do you have a written QA/QC program in place to handle the everyday maintenance issues?  Is maintenance included?



Major Repairs


Repairs – This is a big one! How are major repairs addressed? Does a company representative oversee the vendor / repairs?




Accounting – Describe your accounting program and how my interests are protected. How do the issues of the other owners affect me?



Happy Owners

Owners – What is the number of owners in your program? How many weeks per year am I allowed? Do I always have the same weeks? Is there a written exit strategy. What happens if one owner wants out and I do not? What is the length of your program


These are just a few of the questions you need answered so you can develop your expectations of the plan.



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