“THE YACHT” – Part One 5/5 (1)

Part One of Eight!  –  “THE YACHT”

Part One, asks the questions you need to think about before you select a yacht.

  • SIZE:
  • >40 <50
  • >50 <65
  • >65 <80
  • >80 <90
  • >90 <110
  • >120 <165
  • >165
  • TYPE:
  • Sail
  • Motor
  • Sportfishing
  • AGE:
  • New
  • Used >2 <5
  • Used >5
  • Age can equal higher repair costs which are not included in the price. Repair costs are out of pocket and are very expensive. This work also removes the yacht from service until repairs are made.
  • Do you have a favorite?
  • Do you have one that you do not wish to own?
  • This will narrow down the programs to view.
  • Lakes / Rivers
  • Inland Waters
  • Ocean – close to home
  • Bluewater – Distant
  • Bluewater – Anywhere
  • Overnight – close to home
  • Day only
  • Bluewater – weekends
  • Bluewater – anywhere
  • Tournament Fishing
  • Island Cruising
  • Cruising & Casual Fishing

Now you have a better idea of the size, type and manufacturer of the boat. You also know the types of trips and destinations you want. Now look for the programs that fulfill your list of wants and needs.

Some programs have you select from “Their Fleet” – This sounds like a used car lot….

Some programs have  you select from a few they own – Limits your selection…

Fractional Sportfishing Yachts – You select the yacht, color, decor and options – You get it your way not theirs.

Destinations / Trips – Now that you know where you are going does the yacht have the range to meet your demands.

Crew:  What size crew does your yacht require. How many staterooms do the crew require? Do you have the staterooms left required for your guests?

Spend some quiet time with this list and answer all the questions honestly as it will help you refine your wants and needs. Then you will be ready to perform the required due diligence and not get lost in the sea of fractional yacht programs.

  • Part Two = Will cover Destinations
  • Part Three = Will cover Concierge Services
  • Part Four = Will cover Accounting
  • Part Five = Crews
  • Part Six = Maintenance
  • Part Seven = Repairs
  • Part Eight = Costs

Good Luck

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